The Purpose of the GMM Consulting Group is:

To utilise our combined experience and skills to help people to fully maximise their talents and abilities, so that, with a commitment to service and contribution, they might lead fulfilled lives and make a difference in their organisations and in the world.

In essence, we work with organizations to help them achieve their Vision, but more specifically we help them develop appropriate strategies to close the gap between their ‘Current Reality’ and the ‘Desired Future State’.

Effective Leadership

Through our affiliation with the globally-renowned Leadership Management International (LMI), we help the organisation develop their leaders to effectively discharge their leadership responsibility wherever they are in the leadership hierarchy.

Programmes that we facilitate include:

  • Effective Personal Productivity – How effective am I and do I know how to manage my time and planning to ensure that I spend maximum time on my High Payoff Activities?
  • Effective Leadership Development – Now that I am personally more organised and have clarity of my Personal and Organisational goals, how can I further my effectiveness by managing the people around me more effectively?
  • Effective Motivational Leadership – Taking my Leadership skills to the next level, how do I ensure that the people around me are being developed to their full potential?
  • Effective Strategic Leadership – Taking my Leadership to the Total Leadership pinnacle, where I am leading my Team/Department/Division to the ultimate strategic goal that sees us support the Organisation to reach its aspirant vision.

With more than 100 years of consulting experience between the Partners and Associates and having worked in a variety of organisations and industries, both locally and internationally, we are confident that we can help you and your organisation achieve the success that is due to you.