The Purpose of the GMM Consulting Group is:

To utilise our combined experience and skills to help people to fully maximise their talents and abilities, so that, with a commitment to service and contribution, they might lead fulfilled lives and make a difference in their organisations and in the world.

In essence, we work with organizations to help them achieve their Vision, but more specifically we help them develop appropriate strategies to close the gap between their ‘Current Reality’ and the ‘Desired Future State’.


Working with the leadership of the organisation, we co-create a process to enlist and mobilise the staff in support of the vision and strategy.

Together, we build a framework for a culture of Pride, Ownership and Accountability (and, or other values and beliefs relevant to the organisation), critical building-blocks for a high-performing organisation.

Whilst acknowledging that the processes adopted need to be relevant to the organisation’s context and reality, certain key elements are central to our approach.

These include:

  • Identifying and, or clarifying the Organisation’s Identity – Purpose, Sources of Competitive Advantage; Values; Vision.
  • Individual exercises in introspection, helping staff to, inter alia, understand themselves, what they bring to the business, and what they want to get from it (other than their salary).
  • Developing a relationship between the individual and the organisation that goes beyond simply the transactional.
  • Developing an agenda for meaningful engagement.
  • Aligning the respective functions/teams/individuals with the organisation strategy and focusing their activities to deliver it.